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Grow and nurture your faith by attending a class or joining a group at Geneva. Being an intergenerational congregation, classes welcome people of all ages and stages in life. Whether a Boomer, Millennial, Gen X or Z, we thrive on the different perspectives and life experiences everyone brings to the table.


This class meets Sunday mornings at 9:00am in the Annex for a discussion of the weekly lectionary Scripture led by Elder Joanna Capelle. Weekly content comes from Feasting on the Word curriculum, which includes commentary by a wide variety of theologies and thinkers. Some time for fellowship is also incorporated into the class as is singing of hymns. This class also offers the option to participate via Zoom.



This class option meets at 9:00am in McLennan Lounge to discuss Feasting on the Word curriculum, led by rotating leaders from the group. The Network also delves into the morning's sermon and how it relates to our everyday lives and current events. It's a friendly, lively crew composed of people of all ages and stages of life.



Presbyterian Women "circles" are made up of 6-10 warm and friendly women who meet monthly at different days and times.  Each group chooses their own study topic. Pre pandemic, all circles gather once a month at the church for a luncheon and short program, with a few special events throughout the year. There are currently seven circles meeting regularly via Zoom. If you are interested in joining a GPW study group, email the church by clicking the button below or call the church office at 949-837-2323.  GPW circles are always happy to welcome new members!



Pastor Steve's studies are for those who are eager to dive deeper into the meaning of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, Christian theology and the integration of Bible and theology for real life applications real-life. The studies also explore the differing and broader religious themes which coexist in our global community. Past studies include: Walking Through the Gospel of Matthew, Practical Theology 101, Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality, Being the Skeptic 101, Abundant Living in Christianity and Islam, Evangelism 101 and Pursuing Racial Justice Now. 



This class meets Sunday mornings at 9:00am in the Saddleback Room and is led by Pastor Ryan. This class explores varying themes in scripture, looking a the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. Through video, lecture and discussion they address the difficult passages.

Image by Aaron Burden


Coffee, doughnuts, Bible study and fellowship are all staples for this group which meets at 7:30am the first and third Saturdays of the month. Study topics usually focus on a book of the Bible using a corresponding publication by a leading Christian author as a guide.  For years these brothers in Christ have also organized the annual pancake breakfast to raise funds for Geneva youth.



If you want to learn more about what it is to be a Presbyterian then this is the class for you. Join Pastor the Rev. Dr. Steven M. Marsh and Geneva elders as they explain the Presbyterian denomination and the benefits of becoming a church member. Questions are encouraged! This class is a prerequisite for Geneva membership, but you are not required to become a member at the end of the session (if you do we are here to welcome you!).  New members classes are offered quarterly (March, June, September and December).  



Sometimes we need to get away from our everyday lives and normal routines to reconnect with God. Men's and Women's retreats offer a chance to not only rest, but through special speakers and programs,  challenge us to connect on a deeper level with God, our brothers and sisters in Christ and ourselves. It's difficult to leave a retreat without feeling spiritually renewed and refreshed, and with a few new friends!  

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