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What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are small groups of 3-12 people who meet together to share mutual care, prayer, Bible study and to share the love of Christ with one another and others.


When and where do Connect Groups meet?

Times and locations of meetings are determined by the group.  During this season of pandemic, some groups might elect to meet virtually.  That will be up to the group members.  However, under normal circumstances groups meet in person.


Do I have to be a Geneva member to be in a Connect Group?

No. All are welcome to join a Connect Group.


Can I be in more than one group?



How long do groups last?

When a group forms, they complete a group covenant, which is an agreement regarding certain aspects of the group. The term of the group is part of the covenant for the group to decide. 


Who decides what Bible study material to use?

Groups decide what material they will use.  A growing library of resources will be curated for groups to pick from for their study. All Connect Groups will be encouraged to study the same material during the seasons of Lent (the roughly 7-week period before Easter) and Advent (the 4-week period before Christmas).


Can I choose who is in my group?

If you want to be in the same group with someone, just sign up to join the same group. If there is not enough space in a current group, feel free to contact one of the Connect Group facilitators and request to start a new group. There is no limit to how many Connect Groups we can have going at once. We strongly recommend that all new groups be open to new members.


What if I'm already in a similar group at Geneva or through another church?

Connect Groups are not meant to take the place of any current group in which you participate. We understand that many of you already have groups in which you feel completely connected and supported. If this is the case, you are blessed. However, if you are not currently in a group, or if you would like to join another group in addition to your current affiliation, we encourage you to do so.


What if none of the current groups offered appeal to me?

No worries. If you don’t find a fit, choose the “Open Group Category”. A facilitator will follow up with you to determine your needs. We’re anticipating beginning new groups based on this input. Please keep in mind that we can only have as many groups as we have group facilitators, so think about becoming a leader to help us expand our group offerings.

Do you have a question which hasn't been addressed? Call the church office at 949-837-2323.
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