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Jazz Vespers

First Sunday of the Month
4:00 PM in the Sanctuary
Vespers, a form of Evening Prayer, has its roots in the evening prayers of ancient Israel.  Lucernarium (literally: lamp lighting time) was another name of these periods of devotion which began at the rising of the evening star with a blessing prayer.
The Interfaith nature of the Jazz Vespers format incorporates readings from all three Abrahamic religions:  Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  The Book of Common Worship, however, preserves the liturgy in a way that is faithful to our heritage in the Reformed tradition and open to ongoing reformation according to the Word of God.
Jazz Vespers emerges as a synthesis of traditions, a blending of an age-old liturgy with the unique musical tradition sounds the hopes, dreams, joys, frustrations and pain that expresses human experience, while exploring a musical vocabulary that transcends the limits of the written or spoken word.
Meet Our Pastors
The Rev. Dr. Steven Marsh
Pastor/Head of Staff
The Rev. Ryan Romberg
Associate Pastor
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