2nd Sunday of the month
4pm in the Sanctuary

Vespers, a form of Evening Prayer, has its roots in the evening prayers of ancient Israel.  Lucernarium (literally: lamp lighting time) was another name of these periods of devotion which began at the rising of the evening star with a blessing prayer.


The Interfaith nature of the Jazz Vespers format incorporates readings from all three Abrahamic religions:  Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  The Book of Common Worship, however, preserves the liturgy in a way that is faithful to our heritage in the Reformed tradition and open to ongoing reformation according to the Word of God.


Jazz Vespers emerges as a synthesis of traditions, a blending of an age-old liturgy with the unique musical tradition sounds the hopes, dreams, joys, frustrations and pain that expresses human experience, while exploring a musical vocabulary that transcends the limits of the written or spoken word.


Geneva offers Jazz Vespers as a free gift to the community and it is the generosity of our sponsors that make it possible. To become a sponsor complete the form below or contact Geneva Business Manager Gary Pado at gpado@genevapres.org. Sponsorships must be received two weeks prior to the service in order to be included in the Order of Worship distributed at each service. 


The musical career of the Rev. Norm Freeman, Jr. includes performances with the New York Philharmonic, Barbra Streisand, and the New York Pops, as well as numerous Broadway shows. He served for eleven years as Percussion Dept. chair at Mannes College of Music. He has been a part of Geneva's Jazz Vespers service since 2016.