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6th through 12th grade


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To get in the Geneva Youth communication loop, join the group by clicking the Geneva Youth logo at left. Once you do you'll receive upcoming event information, program updates and reminders.

  • ...young people are gifted and excited to make a difference in our church and in the world.

  • ...they thrive when they can lean into peers as well as older mentors.

  • ...parents and parent figures are the greatest faith influencers a young person can have.

  • ...Jesus still matters to young people.

  • in Jesus can give them the identity, belonging, and purpose they need for the challenges ahead.


Whoever you are, if you’re in 6th-12th grade you’re invited to hang with us and meet people who will love you no matter what and encourage you to be the best you God made you to be.

Upcoming Events

Mid-Week Program


Small Groups
1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesdays

Small groups meet at the church together in the youth room, then split up to debrief their week and digest and discuss lessons led by youth leaders. This is where students give and get incredible support for living out their faith in Jesus. Includes dinner which is $5 per student.


Large Group
2nd & 4th Wednesdays

This is a night of big fun. The entire group comes together at the church for ridiculous games, loud worship, and memorable messages. Engaging lessons come from the “XP3” curriculum produced by Orange (learn more about this curriculum at Includes dinner which is $5 per student.


Sunday Morning

From 9-10am, 6th-12th graders are invited to the youth room to grab a donut, connect with friends are participate in the morning's discussion.

Just For Fun!

At Geneva, our congregation is committed to worshipping, learning, serving and giving together to build a stronger relationship with Christ individually and as a community. Having fun together is also in important part of the mix. 


Activities ranging from Halloween Parties to a night of bowling and Taco Bell after an evening of serving others is a way we get to know one another and is a big building block of the Geneva youth program.  With Safety always a top priority, all parents must complete the Medical Release Form below.

2023 Summer Camp

2023 Summer Camp

Our Leader
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