Our Ruling Elders


What is an "Elder" and what do they do?


Elders are church members who are nominated by other church members to serve as leaders on a twelve-person committee, or "Session".  This group acts as the main governing body of the church. 


If you are interested in elder leadership or know someone who is, send the elder team an email using the boxes at right. You may also use this to contact any of the elders to ask questions or voice concerns. Your correspondence is kept strictly confidential.  Our Elders would love to hear from you.

Rod Kingston
Elder Class of 2020
Jack Clement
Human Resources
Elder Class of 2022
Jane Kingston
Elder Class of 2020
These elders oversee the nuts and bolts of church operation, which includes: Communications, Finance, Human Resources, Property and Stewardship.  
Congregational Life
Caring and support ministries, fellowship groups and church wide activities.
Linda Erickson
Elder Class of 2021
Open Position
Elder Class of 2020
Faith Formation
Maturing in our faith is a lifelong journey and these dedicated members help provide groups, classes and events to assist us in expanding our knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a Christian and live our faith in today's world.
Elena Bennett
Youth Ministry
Elder Class of 2021
Open Position
Children's Ministry
Elder Class of 2020
Watt Prichard
Adult Christian Education
Elder Class of 2021
Missional Life
How we reach out to others in global and local mission is the heart of this ministry .  
Dave Lammert
Elder Class of 2021
Worship Celebration
Our worship elders oversee the traditional, contemporary and combined worship services which includes music and administration.
Joanna Capelle
Clerk of Session
Elder Class of 2020
Gabe Burt
Elder Class of 2022
John McCallum
Elder Class of 2022

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