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The awarding of scholarships to deserving youth is an extension of the commitment that Geneva Presbyterian Church makes at the time that children are baptized. This commitment is for the nurturing, care, and direction of children in the ways of Christ.  These scholarships are also available to those Genevans who want to go back to school to finish a degree, begin anew, or want to pursue an advanced degree or special training.


O'Neill/Boyer scholarship applications are accepted in April, followed by an interview with the scholarship committee. Scholarships are awarded in June. Read further for eligibility and application requirements.

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The scholarship program at Geneva was established with funds given by the O'Neill family in memory of their son and brother, Kevin, who passed away in a car accident at the age of seventeen. Just as Kevin “grew up” at Geneva and was an active member of the high school fellowship, his family hoped that this fund would encourage other people’s quest for excellence in faith and life – a pilgrimage to which Kevin was committed.


Over the years the generosity of the O'Neill family has not only changed lives, it has also inspired others at Geneva to bequeath additional funds to their cause. Larry Boyer was similarly committed to furthering educational opportunities for those who were in need of assistance and also set up a designated fund to support Geneva students. Long time Geneva member Elsie Miller followed suit contributing significant monies to sustain the Kevin O’Neill fund. 

In 2019, award eligibility was expanded to include students attending our partner church in Tijuana where education can be out of reach for many deserving youth.  We are blessed and grateful to God for giving us the resources to share with the neighbors we love.

We believe that through the O’Neill/Boyer Scholarship Awards, the opportunities for maintaining contact with students through their continuing education years will be increased. However, most importantly, the awards will remind Geneva scholars that Christ is with them even though they may be many miles away from their Geneva family.  

Application Considerations

Awards will be made for the forthcoming full school year and can only be up to 50% of an applicant’s expected annual expenses for attending school. Be specific in documenting your future costs. Individual awards will be considered on the basis of the following criteria:

  1.  Active membership of candidate and/or family at Geneva 

  2.  Personal character and Christian commitment

  3.  Contributions to the community of faith at Geneva

  4.  Merit, including scholastic record, accomplishments and goals

  5.  Plans for future service to Christ

  6.  Volunteering or work performed at Geneva in the past year

How to Apply

APPLICATION:  An applications must be completed in its entirety online by April 30 of each year.  NO applications will be accepted after this date.

INTERVIEW:  Applicants are required to appear for a 30 minute personal interview.  You will be asked on the application the date and time that is convenient for you and you will be contacted to confirm your request.  Interviews require that two committee members per applicant be present. Interviews for repeat and out-of-town applicants may be done via Zoom. Interviews for first-time and local applicants will be done in person with all COVID-19 safety protocols observed.


A copy of your most recent transcript (high school, college or other) MUST be furnished to the scholarship committee by uploading it when completing the online application or mailing it to: 

Geneva Presbyterian Church

Attn: Scholarship Committee
24301 El Toro Road
Laguna Woods, CA 92637

Applicants may re-apply annually up to four times, but PROOF of tuition payments from the prior year is requested for each renewal and paid receipts are required.

Should you require any assistance with your application, please Geneva at or call the church office at 949-837-2323.

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